Board game

The world's first replayable investigation with crime prevention

Cooperative adventure

Quick start

A mobile app runs the game instead of the game master

Story variability

Seven different investigations grants 30 hours of game


Each story may be replayed: story generator changes evidences, motives, criminals


Decisions made influence all future plays

Cyberpunk-based stories

A story inspired by favourite cyberpunk-works and detective series

Time rewind

The players shall return to the past in order to prevent a crime and win

Basic mechanics

RPG without a master

Bag building



Negotiations and cooperation

Resource management

Find out about the start of the pre-order

of Resolvers

Augmentations and artificial intelligence, synthetic twins and temporal relocation. This world is challenging you.

When energy crisis changed the city landscape, the battle for resources became a routine. Gene engineering hasn't disposed the mankind of forbidden desires. The supercomputer hasn't turned the planet into a garden. While private armies of the rich are protecting sparkling agglomerations, the poor kill each other for a diesel generator. This is the world in the end of the story and we have not noticed when it came.

Face chases and dirty secrets hidden behind the neon facades. Will you manage to make head or tail of the murder and reveal the event chain? Your goal is to catch criminals as well as to prevent crimes. Why accept the reality as is if you can edit it?

Collect evidence, hack gadgets, buy super arms and implants. Overpower passion-filled Redport, feel megalopolis wide pulse and gain the respect of city-ruling forces!


Unforgiving Redport always offers some work for a contractor. When the police and social services wash their hands, a pro comes out who asks no questions. They are called resolvers for their ability to settle any problem, even if the problem is combating a megacorporation or exposing a criminal syndicate.

Your choice defines who resolvers become in the end of this adventure — unforgiving 'soldiers of fortune' or heroes making the World better.

About the project

Work on Resolvers project — the world's first board game with generated investigations — started in 2020. This is a dream project of a skilled gamedesigner team and developers from Mist Machine studio.

The team

Sergey Usminskiy

Role in the project: game design and putting it all together

Why the game is worth waiting for


Sea Battle, Routs of the 2 Capitals, Followers

Sergey Pritula

Project role: plot and narrative game design.


Granikon 2022

Meteor Scavenger*

2nd best family game, experts choice

* Working title

Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews

Enigma: Beyond Code — The Review

Why the game is worth waiting for


Cutie Race, Enigma: Beyond Code

Konstantin Seleznev

Project role: fight mechanics, RPG system, quests and economic balance


Granikon 2016


Most thorough mechanics

Granikon 2022


2nd best game for experienced players (hardcore section)

Cult preview
by Man vs Meeple

Why the game is worth waiting for


Deep State, Cult, Master of Galaxy

Damir Khusnatdinov

Project role: procedural generation.

Author of the following games: First Contact, Crazy Kitchen, Leave with Grace* and Gotham Secrets*

* working names

Awards and important mentions

Granikon 2017

First Contact

The best convent game selected by the visitors

Essen Spiel 2018

First Contact

One of TOP-3 partygames by GeekBuzz

Granikon 2018

Crazy Kitchen

The best party game

Granikon 2019

Leave with Grace

The best game for wide public

Granikon 2022

Gotham Secrets

The best party game

Vlog «Two cubed»

Crazy Kitchen

The most unusual game of 2020 by «Two cubed»

Dice Tower 2019

First Contact — Review by Tom Vasel

Why the game is worth waiting for

Info about other game designers is on the way

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Project plan


game designers came up with an idea

2021 | august

demo scenario prototype

2021 | december

binding epic-story

2022 | january

detective scenario generator

2022 | february

start of production — application

2022 | march

start of production — lore and texts

2022 | june

start of production — illustrations




printing the game, delivery, development of additions

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